Saturday, January 7, 2012

Life from a Leaf's Perspective

Here's a short story I put together in just a couple of minutes. It began with a thought of my friends and how much I value life, and that death isn't so bad, because we live on in our friends memories! I hope you all enjoy! -Autry

As I stood out on an almond colored branch, I stared down at the distant ground. Many leafs have fallen, all of them were close friends. But as days go by, new friends start to grow, and then they fall, and the process continues. It's not a matter of age, but a matter of how strong we're willing to hold on, because a lot of my friends gave up on their life, and then I have friends that chose to fight, and move on. I only have two other friends left that are willing to stay alive. I know I said it's not a matter of age, but eventually it does become a problem. We're only leafs, we are bound to wither and die some day. But our death won't mean nothing, our ashes shall fertilize the soil! And for those dying wingless insects, our remains shall be nurturing food! So we're not exactly useless! We provide shade for lonely travelers, we provide color to the bored eyes of living things, and all together we provide the speeding winds under the bird's wings! But now it's winter, my old thin roots that run through my small, fragile, paper-like body are weakening, it's only a matter of time now, until my will to survive will give in, and I will fall like the rain that longs to meet the ground! At least I will be of use dead or alive, and knowing that makes me happy. Before I let go, I wonder if this tree will allow me to live again, will it grow my personality all over again? Will my friends be replicated? I doubt it, we all look the same but we're all unique on the inside! And at the end, our true colors are revealed. I turn bright red one day, the next passes and I'm crimson, one more day and I'm walnut brown. It's time, I weaken myself by working extra hard to pump wind. I gladly lose life and limb, and take my fall for the things that need me most, rather than being selfish and trying to stay stuck up here forever! I snap, and as I fall I get dizzy. When I finally land, all I can do is stare up at where I once was. I died so that many others that are to come, may live.


Just thought it was an interesting angle! 

Crabby Heart

I thought this part of a crab's shell was very interesting, because to the naked eye, it seems like a regular crab shell washed ashore, focus more on the center of this shell, and you can make out an almost perfect heart shape! 

The Adventures of Pocket Ninja

This little Ninja may be small, but don't assume he's not capable of anything! Knitted together by the hands of my mommy for my birthday, he's always a joy to look at sitting on the shelf. I wonder what he does when I'm not around, so I set up a blog within a blog to see what would happen. Who knows, perhaps he'll start posting about himself!?

Getting Things Started

Well, like every sunrise starts the day, this is the sunrise of this blog! I hope something catches your eye! Otherwise I'm not working hard enough! Enjoy! -Autry